Who we are

1 John 3:1-10

Monday, May 27, 2013

The question ‘Who is God?’ now turns to ‘Who are we?’

Key teaching: The Bible tells us that we are children of God in a real way. That gives us the choice and the freedom to live up to that i.e. growing in relationship with God rather than sinning.

This week we resume our journey in 1 John and we find that 1 John 3 starts by stating an exciting truth. This is perhaps one of the most empowering truths we will encounter – yet all too easily we can dismiss it as a piece of ‘preacher’s rhetoric’ or a throw-away phrase.

But we won’t do that! We will see how this is charged with significance for us, something that changes our game in the spiritual battle from defensive to offensive, and changes us from those who are easily picked off by the enemy, to those who are dangerous to do battle with.

This exciting truth spells out who we are in Christ. You have heard that idea before. Now the Bible tells us plainly and unmistakably: You are children of God. That is what you are – now!

Here is a brief overview of the passage.

We who are walking with Jesus in the light (1:7) are children of God now.
Then we see mention of the practice of sinning or lawlessness seven times in seven verses, contrasted with two mentions of the practice of righteousness. That adds up to a lot of emphasis!

This discussion becomes a way to focus on those who truly are children of God – and of recognising those who claim to be His but in reality are on a different walk altogether.


Explain to another Christian – perhaps in your home group – why it is important to you to be clear about who you are: your spiritual ID.


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