Start out as you mean to go on: Covenant


Jeremiah 31:33, Luke 22:20

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Saturday extra – start out as you mean to go on

We started the week with a welcome to your new journey – and it seemed at first that it was an individual one. We ended the week by seeing a different picture – that you have been set in a family, the family of God and the fellowship of your church. In particular, that family is best experienced in belonging to your family-sized life group, where you will do most of your growing within the network of different gifts and attributes that everyone brings – and especially in the way these Jesus-centred relationships play out.

Here is a simple covenant that sets out your intention to be part of that basic Christian community.

= = = = = = =

My personal covenant

KNOWING that Christ has brought me His peace, I declare Him to be Lord over all my life. My body, my possessions and my future are His to command.

I will join my life to a Life Group and consider it to be the basic and essential level of my Christian community. I will respond to all, with God’s acceptance. I will not be judgmental. I will remember that God allows all things for His eternal purposes.

I will learn to pray and gain experience of hearing His voice speaking to me. I will prayerfully seek to know what, in each situation, God wants to address and be available to Him as His channel of healing.

Knowing that my Life Group may be a turning point for my life, and I may play my part in the group being the turning point for others, I covenant to place my commitment to the the Life Group ministry at the top of my priority list.

As God anoints me, I shall be His instrument to save, to heal, to deliver and to restore others.

In this spirit, I invite His Spirit to take my life and use it to the glory of Jesus.


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