Live free day by day

Ephesians 6:12-17

Extra – Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five freedoms – how to live free day by day


What is important is that we live free in each day that God gives us, and that happens best if we give it back to Him. In other words, submit the course of each day to Jesus and prepare for it with Him.

In Ephesians 6:12-17 there is a description of a Roman soldier kitted out. He has a belt, a breastplate, shoes, a shield and helmet – and a sword. Paul teaches that we should prepare ourselves with holy attitudes, or commitments, to be full of truth (belt), committed to doing what is right in God’s sight (breastplate), surefooted and ready to be used by Him (well shod), protected from the assault of fears and anxieties (shield of faith), secure in our salvation and not vulnerable to lies of the enemy (helmet of salvation) and equipped to declare God’s word and act offensively when required (sword).
The picture makes it easy to remember a prayer like this:

Father God, I thank You for this day and want to live it with You and carrying holy attitudes. Particularly I put on an attitude of truth, like a belt, and righteousness, like a breastplate. I am well shod and ready to offer a word of encouragement or comfort with the gospel of peace wherever You show me. I lift up the shield of faith against the missiles of doubt and fear and anxiety the enemy may try to assault me with, and put on the helmet of salvation, thanking You that I can choose to think the thoughts of a saved person who is secure in You, and take captive every lie that tries to get in. And I stand tall and ready for Your Spirit to bring to remembrance Your Word of Truth, which becomes the Sword of the Spirit as I declare it and speak it into situations You show me. Bless me and use me today as I wear the uniform of Your kingdom and live to bring your creation more and more into your order – in Jesus’ name.

You are not a legionary of an ancient empire but a peace-enforcer of God’s kingdom now, equipped to bring His just rule against the wiles and schemes of the enemy. So look after your kit and wear it well.

• Note that God doesn’t expect to live your life in your own power, but in the empowering of His Spirit, and teamed up with others who wear the same ‘kingdom uniform’. We are together, empowered, effective.


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