Like the eagle – be who you are in Christ

2 Corinthians 5:17

Friday, August 16, 2013

Be who you are in Christ!

Eagle soaring
THERE’S an African story about an eagle chick that tumbled from its nest during a storm when it was only a few days old. A farmer found the chick and took it home, nursed it to health and put it among his chickens. Although made to soar higher than any other bird, this eaglet grew up thinking it was a peck-on-the-ground chicken.

A friend of the farmer was visiting and looking over his yard, and he said: “That large bird among your chickens is an eagle!”
“No,” the farmer said, “You watch it. It may look like an eagle, but it walks like a chicken, scratches like chicken and eats like a chicken – it is a chicken!”

The friend said: “I’ll prove to you that it’s an eagle.” So he picked the bird up and launched it in the air. It flapped its large wings a couple of times and settled back down among the chickens – to the laughter of the farmer and his children. The friend tried again. He climbed up on the thatch of the farmer’s hut holding the bird as high as he could and said to it: “Fly, eagle, fly! You are not of the earth, but of the sky!” And he tossed the bird into the air. But the eagle merely looked down at the chickens, and glided down effortlessly to join them scratching for bugs.

The farmer said: “See! I told you it was a chicken.” And the friend went home.

Next morning, very early, while it still quite dark, the farmer was roused by knocking on his door and peered out to see his friend, who said: “I know it’s early but I want to show you something. Bring your funny bird and follow me.” Reluctantly, the farmer caught the large bird and followed, up the steep and winding track to near the top of the mountain, where he had first found the dazed chick. Just as the sun was about to rise, they reached a ledge of rock just below the summit.

The friend then took the bird and gently set it down on the ledge so that it faced east, and speaking to it softly but firmly said: “Look at the sun, O eagle, and as it rises, rise with it. You belong to the sky, not to the earth. Fly, eagle, fly!” And as the sun broke the horizon across the river valley, flooding it with a dazzling orange glow, the eagle gazed at the sunrise, raised its head, stretched its wings wide and leaned over the edge. Feeling the updraft of a wind more powerful than man or bird, it swept up, soaring higher and higher in the brightness of the early morning – never again to live among the chickens.

Don’t live in the lie!

The story illustrates a powerful truth about you, about Jesus and about your enemy, Satan. You now belong to Christ. In fact, Jesus lives in you and you are a new creation in Him and, to spiritual eyes, you are beginning to look like Him.

Satan can’t do a lot about that – except one thing: his one, well-worn strategy of confusion. Confusion is what he does. His name means ‘the accuser’. He wants you to believe lies dressed up as your own thoughts, to make you think that you are unloved, unforgiven or just of no importance.

As you now know, the truth couldn’t be more different. As you read the Bible you will discover – and be reminded – that God wants you to know, and live in, all you truly are in Him, so that you may experience all He has for you.

God has created you to soar, and see something of His perspective. Not scratch in a small world with little perspective behind chicken wire.

1 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)
If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation – the old has gone, the new has come!


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