Strong Church, Close Community 1


Mark 3:13-14

Monday, January 27, 2014

Called to be with Him

Disciples call

Mark 3:13-14 Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those He wanted, and they came to Him. He appointed twelve – designating them apostles – that they might be with Him.

LAST WEEK in this series and in the Sunday preach, we considered what the Bible says about community and where it comes from. Community starts with God Himself, who IS community – Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the closest relationship there could be, so close they are one, yet we relate to them in slightly different ways.

The Fatherhood of God has a particular feel and intimacy. Then we relate to Jesus as having lived our kind of life, and having conquered death – approachable on the one hand, powerful and majestic on the other hand, the Victor of the Cross and the One who has plucked us from eternal destruction and given us new life. Then there is the Holy Spirit, closer than the air we breathe, revealer of mysteries, teacher of the Word and the One who works through us with spiritual gifts, revealing the Father and the Son as He does so.

This is close relationship. The more we dwell on this, the more we find ourselves drawn into closer relationship. And so we should, because that is the call that we all share.

Some people are called to be Christians, and to exercise a Christian ministry, in schools, or in the civil service; some are called to be political gladiators while for others it is a call to a profession or to the business world while holding particular values. My call is to lead a church by encouraging and shepherding the people who comprise its body – no different in essence to the others I’ve listed.

What we all share is a definite call, by Jesus, to be with Him. To spend time with Him – and time is precious to us. To listen to Him. To ask Him questions. To work out the answers in our increasingly complex lives.

So simple, yet so hard. The devil plays a fair game in distracting us, busying us, getting us offside whenever he can – damaging our community with each other any way he can, and robbing us of that intimacy with Jesus through lies that make us feel unworthy and condemned. If I say “You know what I mean,” without doubt you do.

But Jesus keeps on calling us back, calling us to be with Him, reminding us that we are His and that we can make that choice. He calls us to go deeper with Him, a place the enemy dare not come near. He calls us to rise up with Him in His victory where He has put the things and the works of darkness under his feet.

This is being with Him

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