Live Strong: Community as a Body 5


1 Thess 5:11, Hebrews 3:13

Friday, February 28, 2014

The power and light released by body life interactions

 Positron electron collision

Representation of positron electron collisions – when we as believers come together in agreement in various kinds of body life encounters, light and spiritual energy are released, dispelling darkness

LET ME let you into a secret. You need some encouragement. In fact, some fairly regular encouragement would be good.

Oh, I know how capable you are, I can see your spiritual gifts shining through and you’re a good person to be around. But do You know that? Do you know you are valued? You may forget, or get into a wrong attitude about it, because you have the same enemy that I have, who is always feeding thoughts to you that actually you’re bit rubbish – and a hypocrite, because you’re not the good person that you portray.

Now, those are lies, and we all get them, but on a bad day some might stick. Lies might take you out of circulation. And that’s where you need friends who will remind you. We all need encounters with people around us who are totally ‘for’ us – helpful positron-like collisions that release light to dispel darkness 

Mike Bickle, who founded the International House of Prayer in Kansas City in 1999, knows a thing or two and he tweeted this week: “A spiritual family where we have a sense of being connected and belonging to other believers is our place of safety and spiritual success.”

He is talking body here.

Whatever we are thinking or saying, we are in agreement with one side or the other. We are in a What Would Jesus Do battle, and we are either intentionally agreeing with Him or sometimes unwittingly agreeing with the one who bitterly opposes every facet of His kingdom rule. That’s not easy on your own. For a start, it is hard to do much agreeing on your own. That’s where we can slip – and begin to fall.

However, our friends, who are for us, won’t let that happen. At times they may have a better perspective on what Jesus would say or so. And they will say it and do it with us. On our own, we’re vulnerable. In a group, we’re strong.

We can’t do community on our own, and yet we are made for community and God made us in His image because He is all about community. The church which recaptures this is doing its part to recapture what was lost at the Fall – and the main way we do it is through small groups of various kinds. As well as home based groups there are intersections, because we participate in a number of activities which are essentially around a small group – the worship team, running a breakfast, teamed up for a community event etc. At each of these beneficial ‘collisions’ of believers there is a flash of light and energy that comes from the spiritual agreement that occurs – like atomic physics. Those bursts of light and energy are where Jesus is momentarily seen, and they are our mission. Prayer is what charges the whole thing up.

Body is important. So is our realising we are part of a body, have various means to express that – and a vital role to consistently keep it happening.

Lots and lots of comparatively small things, done consistently in the context of being a body with Jesus as the centre – this releases the kind of power to bring beneficial change, that IS like rocket science.


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