Setting Captives Free 2


Jeremiah 33:2-3

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tackling stronghold barriers to business



Fitzrovia W1 – at the heart of London’s creative business community. Learning that God has a heart for business and revelation for those that walk with Him in the business world is an exciting experience.


THIS TEACHING on strongholds clearly has wider application than how free you or I are – although it is important to stress that it starts with us. If we can’t take full responsibility for ourselves and the knots of confusion and sin we tie ourselves up in, we can’t do it for others.

Yet, we have been given spiritual authority. The relationships we have in our lives will point to wider areas where we can assume a measure of spiritual authority – for example, relatives and friends.

Let’s take that a step further. If you have a full time job, getting there and back and doing what you are skilled at takes more than half your available, waking hours. It also has to do with earning money. Jesus spoke about money a lot – some commentators say, more than anything else. And as a disciple of His, you are charged with being salt and light in the place where He has put you.

Perhaps you have a definite sense of God’s call to your weekday occupation. Or maybe your job is more about doing what you know to do, to pay the bills, satisfy the hungry supermarket checkout and get through life. Whichever it is, it would be hard to convince your friends that God has not put you there. It is His place for you, at this time, anyway. That gives you certain legal rights in the spiritual realm.

This has its clearest expression when you own the business, or have a partnership kind of responsibility. So you should pray – in particular, make prayerful, faithful declarations – over the business, giving it to God and listening to Him for what He shows you for that situation. If the business hits difficulties, or is needing direction – what business doesn’t? – asking God seems like a good idea. Perhaps a better idea than asking everyone else.

My friend is a partner in a design business that started strong a year ago with an excellent niche and portfolio that had much to offer to clients. However, recently it seemed to hit a dead spot – a bit like your cell phone when you go find yourself in a pocket that doesn’t have reception. Your message can’t get through, and people may not find you when they call.

We recalled the teaching given at Speen Church ( last weekend and especially the story about the charity business that had hit a funding problem. One of the points that was shared was learning not to have a “work mode” in which the ups and downs of business life is seen in a different way from personal lives – and tackled in a narrowly “business” way. In this instance the charity trustees and some of the staff stopped work and prayed and asked God to reveal anything that might be a barrier.

Some issues came up which they were not aware of before, things which they could bring before God in repentance. They recognised, repented, rebuked and replaced with these “business” issues in just the same way as helping a person in freedom prayer, and sensed a breakthrough. In a relatively short time a very large donation came in from an unexpected, overseas source.

My friend and I prayed briefly and felt there was a spiritual dimension to this. We prayed some more and asked God to reveal what it was, and for wisdom in putting it right in His way. Both prayers seemed to be answered, and as we shared our hurried jottings and rough ballpoint sketches, a pattern emerged – a pattern we could work with following the four Rs framework.

It’s too early to say exactly what has changed or how the next pitch will be received. However this is a good, biblically authentic way of both involving and honouring God, whose concern is for the whole of life, not just church services. And it’s not difficult.

Probably the hardest part is following a listening process, rather than praying the first thing that comes to mind and moving on. Perhaps the best thing is having a way of applying faith to this area of daily life.


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