HTB Leadership Conference 6



Matthew 6:12


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Releasing blessing into bad history

Pastor Darius 2

Lutheran Pastor Darius in the hall named after his great-great-great-grandfather and with the image of his great-great-grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and King of Prussia


Matthew 6:12

…Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

FOR all of us the Great War is a distant event of two or three generations past, and for many of us the German Kaiser a distant and slightly comical figure — an image from cartoons and poster art of the time. 


However HTB LC14 attenders were reminded that the Kaiser had a name, and a faith, and descendants. Interviewed in the Royal Albert Hall was a German Lutheran pastor, Darius, after whose great-great-great grandparents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the famous venue was named. Darius spoke movingly of his great-great-grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm, who he said was a Christian who did not want war, but was unable to stand up to the demands of the generals and politicians of the time in a darkening mood that polarised Europe at the time.


Pastor Darius said: “Maybe if he had had known the power of the Holy Spirit in his life, he would have been more able to stand up for what he believed.”


In a poignant moment where he was moved to tears as the Albert Hall crowd broke into spontaneous applause, Darius quietly and haltingly asked forgiveness on behalf of his forebears.


And a shadow that had been over Germany and England shifted.


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