Fullness in Christ 2


John 8:31-32, 36

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

“In Christ Jesus” – living in His truth

Colin Urquhart in Capernaum

Colin Urquhart, here seen teaching in Capernaum, has written a number of books. An early and influential title was In Christ Jesus which was the basis of the freedom teaching that we and many churches use today.

John 8:31-32, 36
Jesus then addresses those among the Jewish leaders who had believed what He said: “You will really be My disciples only if you continue to believe the words I speak. For then you will know the truth, and knowing the truth about me will set you free…So if God’s Son sets you free from your bondage to sin, you will be really free.”

The first person to bring out the In Christ Jesus teaching in an accessible way was Colin Urquhart, a pioneer of charismatic renewal and former C of E vicar at St Hugh’s, Lewsey, a suburb of Luton, which came into renewal in the late 1960s. His book In Christ Jesus (1981) was groundbreaking at the time. A revised edition is available from Kingdom Faith.

He strongly endorsed Neil Anderson’s Victory Over The Darkness which came out ten years later and which has steadily continued to sell a large number of copies. The message is similar, but Neil Anderson takes it forward into a specific form of personal prayer ministry which many churches are using.

Back to In Christ Jesus, and here is an introductory extract which encapsulates a key truth of the book.

Living in a negative society does not encourage Christians to live by the truth. It is easy to be dragged down by the negative attitudes of those around us while, at the same time, having to fight the naturally negative reactions that go on within us.

These truths that will set us free, and enable us to continue in freedom, will have to take root in our hearts, so that we become positive in our attitudes and able to combat the negativity around us. We not only need to know the truth, but also how to live in the power of that truth.

Where does the sense of failure and defeat come from. The world in which we live? The way we have been influenced by others? No, God’s enemy and ours encourages us to be negative and to feel defeated failures. Jesus describes him as the thief who comes to steal, to destroy and to kill. The enemy encourages us to believe feelings rather than the words of God, because he knows the power and the truth of God’s word.

Can we lay all the blame on our spiritual enemy and shift the blame away from ourselves? No, we only react negatively because of the weakness of our human nature. It is this fact that defeats so many – unnecessarily.
In receiving Jesus into our lives, we receive God Himself. At that point we already live in God, and God in us.

1 John 4:15
If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in Him, and he in God. 


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