People who heard from God 4


Exodus 4:10

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The prayer warrior and the campaign warrior

Moses on mountain

Moses didn’t see himself as a classic “follow me!” leader, but He walked closely with God and earned an extraordinary degree of trust in the partnership. The favour God showed him carrried him through difficulties which would have quickly destroyed a lesser man.

WE’LL look briefly at a couple more Old Testament heroes who heard from God regularly and received critical guidance from Him, and see whether we could put ourselves in their sandals.

Moses and David were great leaders – but the whole point is, they were not always great, or even leaders. But they were people who heard from God, and if they could do this, so can we. It helps that they were completely different characters, because this dispels the myth that you have to be a certain spiritual ‘type’ for God to speak to you. They just ‘tuned in’ and so can you, with a bit of practice.

David was a warrior who proved his courage and judgment – and reliance on God – in hand to hand battle long before he became king. He was a musician and poet and we see him make speeches.

Moses was a shepherd who was keenly observant, as a good shepherd needed to be, but for whom words didn’t come easily. On being told that he would have to return to Egypt and rally his people to action, he dared to question God’s choice of him. He saw himself one way, and God saw him in another. We do this as well — stubbornly cling to a poor self-image instead of accepting how God describes us and sees us. That is not humility, as is often supposed, but a form of pride.

Moses didn’t pursue his argument with God and stepped up into his new responsibility – where his prayerful, utter dependence on God carried him through a journey of twists and turns that would take him the rest of his life. He faced every kind of opposition and rebellion, including arguments with his own close family. Today’s management adage, that one is only a leader to the extent that others are following, could have been a rebuke coined just for him. Yet the Bible records, right in the middle of one such leadership challenge, that “Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the earth.”

That’s why God could rely on Moses, call him His friend, and give him guidance – because it would be followed diligently and well.

The lesson for us? Whatever your relationship with God, He wants you to go deeper – to come into a greater place of trust, and a real sense of walking with Him. If you are not an ‘up front’ person, not a confident speaker, a reluctant leader aware of your own lack and your dependence on God – guess what? God seeks out people just like you for His big assignments.

It is on the more difficult paths where God seeks people who, like Moses, readily admit what they can’t do on their own, and who never forget to look to Him for everything.


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