Our gifts to a king 5


Matthew 6:33

Friday, January 9, 2015

Myrrh – Dying to self is being available to Him


Matthew 6:33
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

ONE reason not everyone buys into this Christian life is because it can seem rather theoretical.

It can seem to present a lot of ideas and concepts. How many of them are actually going to make s better world? You might be thinking, if this doesn’t actually make a difference – and let’s face it, the world is actually getting more greedy and selfish and violent – so, the line of thought goes, if it doesn’t bring change and better outcomes, then I’m not in.

That’s a point of view. There is fear about Ebola, a plague which seems to be untreatable. Al Qaeda and/or Isis seem to be unspeakably horrific snd unstoppable. Social breakdown is steadily rising and marriage is morphing into other kinds of relationships.

Change is needed. Who brings change? Deserts expand and shrink and springs once dry begin to flow again, so some change just happens. But most of the change we look for takes place little by little by the actions of change bringers, people with a vision who are available.

The one thing Jesus wants from us is our heart. That means our trust, our devotion, and – this is the more practical note – our availability.

Why does He let the world He went to the Cross for spiral downwards in hatred and selfishness? The answer is that He has an army of people who want to make a better, more loving world in His name. The problem is, we’re all rather busy with our own projects. We’d love to help but there’s too much in the diary already.

OK, here’s a reminder of the obvious, but not a lot happens unless we pray, and unless we are prepared to be part of the answer to our own prayer. But we need reminding. We are in partnership, and Jesus needs partners who are willing and available.

Trust we can do. Worship we can do. Availability, however, brings us to a confrontation of priorities. Where we are seeking to fit God into our busy schedules, it will be shown up. To be available to Him, we need to be free to die to ourselves.

What we like, what we want, what we feel comfortable with is not unimportant. Free will and choices are God-given. But can we let them go? Do they rule us or do we rule them? When a call comes, are we free to respond to it?
That’s why it is so honouring to Jesus, not just to trust him nor even to give Him the praise and worship and devotion due to Him. We honour Him especially when we pledge ourselves available to Him and willing to have a go at following His lead in changing the world, one little act of obedience at a time.

When He truly has our heart, we’ll be able to put Him first and let the other things take second place.


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