The faith decision that brings a new nature

Search_and_Rescue AW139How Jesus makes us a new person – yes, new!

Search and rescue helicopter: We are rescued and lifted up by Jesus – and find His perspective is different.

Romans 10:9
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

WE’RE looking at the changes that occur when we come into a personal Father-child relationship with God and discover how loving He is! We do that, not directly, but by our acceptance of His Son Jesus who took our sin to the Cross and died to settle the account. When we get this and acknowledge (“confess with your mouth”) Jesus as the One who has saved us, something quite profound happens in our heart. We call this, in line with Jesus’ conversation with a well-educated man called Nicodemus, who came to visit Him, new birth or being born from above – heavenly connection in other words.

There’s a bit more to it, but not much. We acknowledge Jesus as the One who has saved us. Saved us from what? The weight of guilt and judgment now, releasing us into a dimension of life we didn’t have before. And saved from loneliness and torment in hell on a timescale of eternity.

When someone saves your life like that, you thank them… and honour them… praise them publicly… and want to serve them. They are very important to you, and you are going to accept them as a big influence. You owe your life to that person! This is what we call acknowledging Jesus as Lord.

The experience of a new birth from heaven brings eternal life. That’s a huge benefit.

Nothing can beat that. But there’s something which comes close. It’s not just eternal life, good though that is. It is life now. A particular quality of life where we can be free of anxiety, fear, insecurity and guilt – and all the negativity that goes with that.

Where does that come from? External circumstances look much the same – but how do you see them? Are the obstacles towering over you, or can you look down on them from a higher perspective?

It’s about who you are. Who you are, and particularly your perception of who you are, forms how you think and how you see yourself.

After you make Jesus the main influence in your life, the Bible says that you are a different person to the person you were before. The old person, and particularly the bad stuff associated with the old person, has gone to the Cross. A new person with a close association with Christ, and drawing on His nature, has taken the old one’s place

You have a new nature. There has been an exchange.

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